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At Sunrise Pavers, building patios is one of our specialties. It’s our most requested hardscape service, and we’ve gotten quite good at it too. We’re absolutely thrilled when a customer contacts us to design and install a patio for their first foray into pavers. It’s like watching someone step into a new life. Here’s some reasons why we hope you consider contacting us this summer for a brand new patio:

1. Resale Value

A well built patio is practically a win-win situation. You have a little retreat to enjoy for years to come, and when you finally decide to sell the home, your prospective buyers will be in for a nice surprise when they find out the home comes with a quality patio already installed. Homes that have patios can sell for approximately 10% more than the usual, and the return on investment consistently exceeds 70%. If resale is a major concern, a patio that achieves a balance between useable yard space and hardscape space is the ideal. This way no one in the market is wholly excluded.

2. Outdoor Entertainment

There’s a little something for everyone with a patio. A nice even space to cook an outdoor meal, the perfect platform to host a birthday for a loved one, a nice place to enjoy the summer breeze under the shade of a patio umbrella. For those who would love to spend more time with guests over the house, but don’t feel comfortable with hosting the gathering indoors, a backyard patio is the perfect spot.

3. Express Yourself

The great thing about pavers is their capacity to convey all sorts of nuanced styles and personalities. There is quite literally hundreds of individual materials, textures, patterns and shapes to choose from. You can truly make your backyard a expression of your individuality. If that sounds daunting rest assured we’ve seen quite a few patios in our day. We’ll be your partner in helping you decide on a style that feels just right for your home. We’ll even design and model a patio for you in 3D based off photos of your backyard!

4. More Backyard Use

Would you like to enjoy your backyard more than you currently do? Give yourself a reason to spend quality time back there. Perhaps you’ve already planted a nice garden, or just simple enjoy the breeze in the shade. A patio gives you a nice excuse to recline in the back to destress and appreciate those things which make up our surrounding environs.

5. Platform For Outdoor Living

Last but not least a patio, though a blessing in and of itself, can also be a platform for other excellent additions to your outdoor living repertoire. You could install an outdoor kitchen for those times which you want to feel the open expanse as you cook a nice meal, or maybe you could build a fire place for cozy summer nights with the family.

With a patio, you have plenty of options for creating a space that will be a place of rest and appreciation, and also a hub for memories you’ll cherish indefinitely. If you’re interested in a new patio, go with an installer that’ll treat your project with the same care as though it were their own. Have Sunrise be your partner in this next phase of your residential life.

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