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Paver Walls

A multifunctional asset of your outdoor living space. Paver walls provide asthetics, structure and privacy.

High end retaining wall in lush backyard

Retaining walls are a stylish and functional focal point for your property

If you have large masses of soil to keep from caving in, or would simply like a stunning backdrop to your backyard oasis, a retaining wall would be a great match for you. Retaining walls come in plenty of materials and textures to perfectly compliment the surrounding area, and their variable height makes them useful for both privacy and utility.

Up close wall paver wall material

Choosing a retaining wall material

There are plenty of options to consider when we install your retaining wall. Depending on your needs, you'll select a height that matches the functionality you desire, (e.g. keeping a landmass from eroding, or simply a classy backdrop). From there we can go over an array of styles to compiment or contrast the existing features of the backyard.

paver wall with inset candles and a low retaining wall for raised bed garden

Retaining wall raised garden

Nothing is more captivating than an elegant balance of nature and stonework. Support a lush garden within the stone retaining walls for an unforgettable place to recline and relax. Break up the visual patterns with a living extension of the low retainer. This is an excellent choice for a permanent garden that doesn't require bending over to tend to it.

low wall around fire pit for seating

Patio Paver Seats & Walls

A retaining wall can offer a personal touch rather than simply functioning as a backdrop or a landscaping utility. We can build an seating area that wraps around an element you'd like to make a focal point, such as a firepit or a fountain. You and your guests can sit and enjoy the afternoon appreciating your timeless outdoor space.

Let Sunrise Pavers
build your retaining wall

Retaining walls must be built correctly or else it can lead to problems down the road. You don't want to invest in a retaining wall that buldges or cracks because a less reputable company didn't have the expertise to create a wall that both satifies your ideas and withstands the test of time. Sunrise Pavers has seen it all, let us bring your retaining wall vision to light.

curved pool deck with paver wall behind it.
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