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Pool Coping

Keep your pool structurally sound while blending it into the surrounding pavers or concrete.

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Coping is the finishing touch on a beautiful pool construction

If you are considering having a pool built, coping is a necessary component that will secure the integrity of your project for many years of use while tying the look together with the surrounding regions. Coping refers to the material laid on the perimeter edge to prevent water damage and provide continuity with the surrounding tiles or materials. It doubles as a convenient object to grip onto when you are climbing out.

brick pol deck white coping


Coping gives you a completed look and can ehance the appearance by quite a bit. While you've got a lot of options when it comes to choosing a style or material, we need to keep a couple things in mind. This is a chemical saturated environment so the coping should be appropriate for that. It must also be Florida heat resistant.

black pool coping


Coping provides a plethora of benefits. It prevents water from splashing behind the walls and causing damage to the substrate and base. Debris and dirt are stalled from entering into the water, which can cause a chemical inbalance. If you've ever needed something to grip while climbing out, it'll provide an easy object to grab onto. For slippery pools, we provide a non slip sealant to the deck, while the coping also increases the non slip factor.

depiction of different types of coping materials and shapes

Types of Pool Coping

There are three major styles: Square Edge, Rebated, and Single Bullnose. Your choice depends on a number of factors such as the asthetics of the surrounding area, and the usability concerns you have for the pool. Bull-nose or rounded lip for example provides a smooth edge for you to grab hold of. While rebated, given it's hanging front end, appears to be a larger slab of material than it actually is when it's all sealed in place.

Complete the look of your pool with coping and secure your investment

Pools are an excellent investment, especially in Florida where the summers can get more than a little hot. Let Sunrise Pavers install a professional coping to frame your pool according to the style you desire. It will last much longer without the need for repairs if the coping is installed with the care we put into it.

flagstone pool coping
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